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If you missed out on the Drifter Kickstarter but still wanted to back it you have sadly been out of luck. Until now, that is! Now that Kickstarter backers have had a chance to play with the beta for a few months I'm opening up early access orders of the game through Steam and the Humble Widget as a sort of "slacker backer" option. You'll not only get the game for 20% off but you'll also get access to the beta immediately. Also, if you scroll down past the Steam Widget you can order a copy of the fantastic Drifter poster, should you be so inclined.

Before buying Drifter you can read our Development Roadmap to see where the game is currently and where it's headed!

What you get if you order Drifter through the Humble Widget:
Please be aware that Drifter is still in development and will be released when it's ready.

If you'd just prefer to buy the game from Steam, we've got you covered as well!
Please be aware that the Steam version will not be DRM-free.